Vacation in August? Expect Garden Overflow.


Just spent a fun long weekend with grandparents in Nebraska,  It was the weekend of their county fair so we visited and participated in a few activities.  The highlight was the kids peddle car tractor pull.   My 8 yo got to participate.

b kiddie tractor pull

My in-laws are auction addicts and so they always have fun old stuff that they have picked up.  Sometimes they get fantastic deals on vintage and antiquities of all sorts.    Grandpa is particularly fond of old lamps and has them stacked up on shelves and hanging from the ceiling.   I came home with a few treasures from them.  Two nice fermenting crocks will be put to use soon.

fermenting crocks


Spent a nice last evening there playing croquet on the front lawn and headed home the next morning.

Croquett on the front lawn


I like Nebraska,  I like my in-laws, but there is nothing like the mountains of Colorado.  I am so glad to be home.   And we must have had some rain because the garden was not as dry as I expected.  And look at the produce we (my boys) picked this morning!

beans and pickling cucumber overflows

beans and pickling cucumber overflows

That is not including the tomatoes, eggplant and Swiss chard that needs to be taken care of.    I had two of my boys picking beans and pickling cucumbers.  It is amazing how much pickling cucumbers grow in 5 days!!  Unfortunately some of these may end up chicken food.

My younger son came in all excited about the tomatoes that were ripe.  I told him to leave them on the vine!  Tomatoes can wait a day or two but the cucumbers needed to be picked NOW.




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  1. Wendla Thompson says:

    I was looking for information on canning corn, found your site and have been at the computer for 3 hours going from one recipe to another. I love it. I’m kind of new to canning. Bought a water canner last year but didn’t get to use it. Canned some Colorado peaches for myself and in August I took a box to a cousin in Nebraska that we canned there. We’re former Californians -I now live in Colorado – that grew up helping mothers and grandmothers can peaches, plumbs and apricots that grew in his yard in the San Fernando Valley. It was truly a blast from the past to do it together again. While I was there my pressure canner was delivered. Another new experience for me.
    My son and I went to Nebraska the end of August to help pick wine grapes that my cousin grows, learn a bit about wine making and see someplace new. We had a blast and learned a lot but getting back to Colorado was by far the best part of the trip. The day we left for home it was 95 deg. with a heat index of 105. Not used to that any more. We went back a couple of weeks later for another harvest and the weather was much better. I guess Nebraska is a bit like Colorado in the changeable weather category.
    Since I’ve been home I’ve canned all matter of home grown and farmers market fruits and vegetables. Thanks for your simple straight forward approach to canning. I now have more confidence and more recipes than I had three hours ago.