Trayer Wilderness

My Friend Tammy Trayer….. (actually we only met once, but she is very cool…. I can tell) and her family live in the back woods in Idaho. The call it the ‘wilderness’ and apparently it really is. Mountain Woman Journals is her website.

Sharon Tammy and sons

Sharon, Tammy and sons

They are a family that truly works together, prays together and survives together.  She is probably the most positive, uplifting person I know.  They have a small business selling hand crafted …… stuff!  All kinds of stuff.


Last summer when we met, Tammy gifted me with 2 of her soaps and one candle.  I’ve used up most of the candle now…. but silly me I can’t make myself use her soaps… they smell so good! And they are so pretty.  Mint and lavender are the scents I have.

I don’t want to use them up.  So I put them in my dresser which makes my clothes smell good too.

Direct to her Goats Milk Soaps

Direct to the Candles

I have not seen in person the items that her guys make but…… I’ve seen pictures!

Her husband is also a craftsman.  He creates hand forged metal art (think cast iron beautiful) wood furniture and horseshoe art.  His most recent creation is a fire starter called a Multi Flame Tool.  This it seems would be a perfect gift for anyone interested in back country, camping, wilderness survival.  This is sold under the name. 

image courtesy of

Their son Austin is not to be left out either.  He is the leather guy.  Moccasins, key chains and he also works with paracord.  I saw bracelets on their site and I thought I saw a very cool looking gun sling… but when I just checked it was not their so maybe it sold!

I thought you might be interested in some of their products.  They pretty much have something for the whole family.  Guys and gals.  Tell Tammy I sent you!

(I am not an affiliate of Tammy or her family in any way.  I just like her)



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