Scenes of my Contentment

This was a good morning. Woke up to a beautiful fall day … a couple hours later, in typical Colorado fashion, a storm blew in. I love Fall. Of course I say I love spring every spring too. For this moment in time. I was seriously loving my life.

Spring Yard

My yard is sprouting and blooming.  I love it. Our beautiful Forsythia.  Last year it bloomed like this and that very night it froze.  All the blooms browned and died.  It looked terrible until the green leaves came on.  I hope it doesn’t get cold and freeze this year. I planted this oregano last year.  […]

Whole wheat and honey granola recipe

Need an evening snack?  I know, I know,  bed time is not the time to be eating…. but….  if I’m gonna do it I might as well make it healthy food.  Need a healthy, economical alternative to chemical filled, sugar junk cereal?  Here is what I do. Home made granola recipe – super simple. 4 […]