Tiny Bugs… what are they?!

Ew What is it!? A plague? I went out to check on my chickens yesterday afternoon. It is my sons job to take care of them but I like to go out every once in a while just to check up on things and make sure all the girls are happy. (Who cares about that […]

Goods in the Garden

I had to force myself out the door this morning to do some weeding in the garden. Our garden has had a rough time of it this year and it shows…. since it shows my motivation level is low… so I don’t go out and maintain stuff like I should….. which doesn’t help the condition […]

Vacation in August? Expect Garden Overflow.

Just spent a fun long weekend with grandparents in Nebraska, I came home with a few treasures from them. Two nice fermenting crocks will be put to use soon. I like Nebraska, I like my in-laws, but there is nothing like the mountains of Colorado. I am so glad to be home.

Canning Peach Jam, tried low sugar.

I experimented with my last load of peach jam. I did 8 half pints of the same peach jam recipe except…. I cut the sugar in half. I then had 2 sons do a taste test….

Honey bees are good for my garden!

Our neighbor has honey bees. I caught pictures of them on my corn.

My spring vegetable garden

Things are sprouting in the vegetable garden.  But I must…. not ….plant my other vegetables for a least a week or two.  Colorado spring is sooo fickle. I’ve got baby spinach, baby peas, and baby lettuce sprouting. (pictures top to bottom)  These pictures were taken a few days ago and the plants are already growing. […]

Mutant Veggies

My garden is just about done for the year.  The weather has turned colder and all that is left is a few Roma tomatoes that are half orange and I am hopeful but doubtful  they will turn red. I’ve been canning carrots and canning beets this past week.   I froze the last of the peppers […]

spring planting in the garden

Got some more vegetables planted in my garden. 8 roma tomatoes, 1 cherry tomato and 1 pear tomato. 2 pickling cucumbers, 1 slicing cucumber and 1 other cucumber don’t remember what it is called… some exotic looking thing that my friend got by accident and was going to toss so I took it.  maybe it’ll […]

Gardening season begins