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I defrosted my freezer this week in preparation for hunting season.  My upright freezer only needs defrosting every other year so it is not too bad.  It also gives me a chance to sort and find any hidden gems tucked back out of site.

I uncovered a package of about 6 pounds of ground venison all seasoned and ready to make jerky.  And I decided to make room and go ahead and can up the last of the ground elk/venison we had from last year.

dehydrating zucchini

zucchini ready for the dehydrator

I found a couple bags of beet and beet greens, one bag of yellow squash, and uhm   a whole bunch of frozen zucchini squash. All from 2008!

I’ve got zucchini lining my counters and a bunch more still on the bush.  So I decided I’d better get serious about using it up.  I must, must, must remember to add grated zucchini to more of my meals.  Zucchini is great that way.  You can often add it to casseroles or chili and no one even knows it is there.

I love zucchini fried with garlic salt and topped with parmesan cheese.   But only one son and I like it.  Even though I only plant one plant each year we have lots extra.

Drying is my preferred method of preserving zucchini now.

Totals for last week.


7 pints pickled beets.  (yum)

3 quarts and 3 pints ground elk/beef.

7  quarts chicken stock


12 quart bags corn – I counted 69 cobs.

30 stuffed green peppers


6 pounds ground meat made into 1 gallon zip-lock bag of jerky.

Zucchini and more zucchini!

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  1. Bea Cleveland says:

    Just curious – when you said you “canned” brown sugar is that to just keep it longer by
    sealing it in the tins? And, i noticed you had other dry ingredients also. I’m a novice
    so, just curious why you would can sugar.

    • Hi Bea, yes I canned the dry foods for long term storage. I purchase in bulk and decided to give this storage method a try. I’d like to be sure and keep bugs and mice out of it and store if for a longer time period.

      I plan on adding some food storage information on Simply Canning, including how to dry can. If you want to be notified of new pages you can sign up for my rss feed at my site updates page. .

  2. How do you make your jerky? I remember making it as a kid, and my husband and I got a jerky making kit for Christmas last year, that is still in the box. It seems like everything I read has a different take on making jerky “safe”. I know you try to do things the “correct” way, so how do you make it?

    • Hi Betsy, We dehydrate our jerky in a dehydrator. Usually we grind the meat and add seasonings, but sometimes just slice it.

      If you have a kit, I bet there are directions in there with safety information. I’d follow those directions.

      It is in my plan to add a jerky and meat dehydrating section to my site… but I’m not sure when I’ll get the time. I hope this helps.