My spring vegetable garden

Things are sprouting in the vegetable garden.  But I must…. not ….plant my other vegetables for a least a week or two.  Colorado spring is sooo fickle.

I’ve got baby spinach, baby peas, and baby lettuce sprouting. (pictures top to bottom)  These pictures were taken a few days ago and the plants are already growing.

baby spinachbaby peasbaby lettuce

Here is my favorite garden chair…. you know why it is my favorite garden chair?  My 3rd son the 14 yo went to the shed and got it for me cause he says  “I know you like to sit and watch your garden momma”   Isn’t he sweet.

my favorite garden chair

I’m sure you can see from my close up pictures of the baby vegetables that our dirt is well….. you could say it is rough.  Believe me we have added and worked on this ground.  This is just where we live and gardening is a challenge to say the least.   Water is the biggest chore… and it starts in the early spring.  When everyone else is getting rain… I start dragging hoses.

garde hose watering

garden rows

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