Goods in the Garden

I had to force myself out the door this morning to do some weeding in the garden. Our garden has had a rough time of it this year and it shows…. since it shows my motivation level is low… so I don’t go out and maintain stuff like I should….. which doesn’t help the condition of the garden… which affects my motivation level…… and round we go.

I knew that I really must get out there… And I knew I’d enjoy it if I just did it before it gets too hot. So I sucked it up and just got out there and did it.  I set an easy goal.  One hour of general weeding and much neglected maintenance.  And I am so glad I did!

After looking past the huge gaps caused by both chicken and goat invasion this spring.

evidence of chicken and goat invasions.

evidence of chicken and goat invasions.

And the powdery mildew that I MUST treat before it gets out of hand.

powdery mildew in the turnips

And the harsh dirt that we garden in here in western Colorado, and the squash bugs and the…. STOP it already!

If I focus I can see the early tomatoes that promise a good tomato crop this year. I NEVER get tomatoes this early.

Early tomatoes promise a good crop.

The Cantaloup that is enjoying the climb up its ladder trellis.

Cantaloupe loving its ladder trellis

The dill that survived has seeds ready to harvest.

Dill drying out and ready to harvest

The volunteer pumpkin is turning out to be a volunteer squash!

A volunteer I let grow is now producing yellow squash.

Goats and happy bunnies enjoyed the welcome snack of greens and weeds that I pulled.

Taking a rest in the shade

I actually love piddling around in the garden. This morning reminded me of that.

Now I really MUST go pay bills….. sigh.

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  1. debra szarka says:


    I just found your Facebook Page/Blog! Really enjoying it!

    Just a suggestion for this planting season, especially in Colorado where you cant save your rainwater…Check out PermaCulture. The main difference is TONS of wood chips and compost as a ground cover. It significantly cuts down on weeds as well as watering. Most communities offer deliveries of wood chips free or for a nominal charge. It’s a terrific way to build your soil.

    You might enjoy “Back to Eden…the Movie”

    I will NEVER go back to tilling and bare ground!

    Take care,

    • Debbie, thank you for that link. I only watched about 10 minutes of the movie… but it is right up my alley. I look forward to watching more. (I’ve already called around looking for wood chips! LOL)


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