Dry Canning

This week in food preservation.

dry canning

Dry Canning

I admit to being a total novice at this.  But I’ve been reading about  dry canning…. so I thought I’d give it a try.  It was very easy!

I borrowed the canner from the LDS church who is very generous in sharing the equipment and advice.  They are friendly… almost overwhelmingly friendly!

I set up out in our carport for easy clean up.  You can see my dehydrator is set up out there too.  This avoids the extra heat in my kitchen.

I canned , dry milk, brown sugar, cornmeal, 6 grain rolled mix, split peas and barley.  More to come.


None…..what?!?  I must’ve forgotten to write it down and I can’t remember what I’ve done this week.  Sheesh. Surely I canned something.


I dehydrated carrots and zucchini – 2 quart jars of dried carrots,  and 1 qt of dried zucchini.

Dried Basil


There has been a conversation about freezing tomatoes on Simply Canning.  I had not frozen tomatoes before, so I decided to go ahead and freeze some and share how it goes.  The freezing part is very easy!  Simply wash and pop into a freezer bag.  I’ll let you know how I like them when I thaw them out.

I’ll add gathering this week too.

I gathered spinach seeds, lettuce seeds, corn,  green bean pods.  This is the first year I’ve tried collecting seeds so we’ll see how it goes.  I expect the spinach and lettuce to be successful but the green beans and corn is an experiment… they are not non hybrid.  We tried non hybrid seeds but did not have much luck with the harvest.  So despite all the information advising that hybrid seeds will not reproduce or will reproduce poorly… We are going to give it a try.  Next year will tell!

And I’ve been working hard on a new e-book for you all.  Recipes using home canned elk and venison…. I’m telling you all about it so I’ll get on the stick and finish it!

Who is that crazy woman who enjoys canning, a full pantry, and simplicity? Hi, I am Sharon, a simple woman in love with her hardworking husband, and home school mom of 4 sons.

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  1. Can you give more info or provide a link on how to do dry canning? Also, were you able to borrow the canner from your local church or did it have to come from the cannery?

    • Hi Karen, I borrowed the canner from the local LDS church. I don’t know that all Mormon churches have the canners available but I think a large majority do. They do not call their center a cannery here. It is not set up for canning at the center. You can order food from them and borrow the canner. We have friends who are from that church so that is how I heard about it. They have amazing prices on thier bulk food! If you can contact your local church they can probably give you more information.

      I plan on doing a page about how to dry can foods. As I mentioned I am a novice and I am doing a bit more research so I am sure I don’t steer anyone wrong! I’ll post it on Simply Canning when I get it prepared. If you want to be notified of new pages you can sign up for my rss feed at my site updates page. .

      In the meantime as I said the people at the center were very very friendly even to a non church member like me. I’m sure they would be glad to help you.

  2. Joyce Scott says:

    Today, I made beet pickles. After cooking, peeling and slicing the beets, I put them in the pot with the prepared brine of sugar and vinegar. Now the question: the recipe said that the brine should have an “oily” appearance. It did not, could you tell me why?

    Thanks, Joyce

  3. joyce satcher says:

    Sharon, I just found your site & I love it!!! I am not a novice to canning & preserving, I have been doing it in various degrees for the nearly 40 years I have been married & I was raised by a I southern grandmother who was in the garden or the kitchen putting up what she grew all summer. I have recently retired from nursing due to some health problems, so due to decrease in income & in attempt to simplify our lives I have been doing a lot more. I may read more about canning venison & try that this winter when my husband hunts