Scenes of my Contentment

Scenes of my Contentment.

This was a good morning. Woke up to a beautiful fall day … a couple hours later, in typical Colorado fashion, a storm blew in. I love Fall. Of course I say I love spring every spring too. For this moment in time. I was seriously loving my life.

I had snow falling out the front window.


A fire going in the wood-stove to keep me warm.

Our woodstove

Freshly canned applesauce on my kitchen table.

home canned apples

2 more boxes of apples to take care of today.

A small pumpkin I need to take care of. Notice the library book? Chicken coops…. we are thinking of adding critters to out little homestead next spring.

pumpkin chicken coop book

A very cool front yard, bird feeders hung in strategic places.  I can watch my little feathered friends eat and fuss at each other.  The occasional baby buck mule deer comes in for a snack.   All this activity is viewable from the window over my kitchen sink.  How cool is that.

bird feede rbuck

A living room that is organized and somewhat clean…. for the moment.

living room

Smell that?   Chicken and beans in the crock pot are making my house smell heavenly…. and supper is done!

Listen…..  Good music playing on the stereo.  Songs of praise are springing from my heart.

I may sound like a goofball…. but I am a happy and contented goofball. These are moments in life when I realize just how blessed I am.

Who is that crazy woman who enjoys canning, a full pantry, and simplicity? Hi, I am Sharon, a simple woman in love with her hardworking husband, and home school mom of 4 sons.

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  1. Hi Melinda, So glad you found me and I look forward to seeing your blog. I must confess. I don’t know what to do with chutney either!


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