Cherry Themed Wedding

Hey Sharon I have a question…. I am going to get married to a man by the last name of Cherry….. at our wedding I am going to give out canned cherries….. I wanted to know your opinion because I want the price to be reasonable but also the jars look pretty to where you can tell its Cherries….. Would you do the 4, 8 or 16 oz jars? How many cherries would you think you would need per oz? I am in love with the 16oz wide mouth contemporary jars because of the unique round look but I am just afraid it will get really expensive fast with all the cherries it will take to fill them….. anyway thanks for your opinion it is greatly appreciated!!! Have a very blessed day!

I think a cherry themed wedding sounds like so much fun. I’d say it really depends on your budget, and size of the wedding, how many jars would you need?

I think the 4 oz will be just as cute as the 8 oz.  With a cute canning label showing some  cherries you’d be set.
Cherry jam or jelly is another option. As long as the contents are red, and you have a label showing what is in the jar, IMO it will work.

My Own Labels has some really cute labels available that I believe you can personalize too. Perfect for a situation like this.

custom canning labels

I can picture cherry blossoms as well incorporated somewhere. OK so I got on a roll and did a search at amazon for cherry wedding and came up with this as well. Cherry disposable camera. I went to a wedding once where one of these was placed on several tables for the guests to take pictures. They were then left for the bride and groom.

OK I’m getting waaaay off topic here. BAck to cherries and jars. I think you are right the larger pint jars would probably add up in costs. So it really depends on how many jars you’d need. A quart jar takes 2 to 2.5 pounds of cherries. So a pint would be about 1 to 1.5 pounds. Then half that again for the 1/2 pints.

If you can go to a self pick orchard you’ll get better prices. If you have pictures of what you come up with I’d love to see. Congratulations!

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