Trayer Wilderness

My Friend Tammy Trayer….. (actually we only met once, but she is very cool…. I can tell) and her family live in the back woods in Idaho. The call it the ‘wilderness’ and apparently it really is. Mountain Woman Journals is her website. They are a family that truly works together, prays together and survives […]

Elk Heart Recipe in my Dutch Oven

I’ll admit to being the teensiest bit squeamish about eating something like an Elk heart recipe. But I am also a fanatic about not letting things go to waste. There is no logical reason I can’t eat Elk heart. I found the Recipe to make it great too!!! I’m sure this would work with other types of heart, and regular elk meat as well. And I love cooking recipes in my dutch oven. Enjoy!

Biscuit Mix Pie – Sloppy Joe

Scenes of my Contentment

This was a good morning. Woke up to a beautiful fall day … a couple hours later, in typical Colorado fashion, a storm blew in. I love Fall. Of course I say I love spring every spring too. For this moment in time. I was seriously loving my life.