Canning tomatoes

Canning Tomatoes I just used my last jar of tomatoes.  Note to self:  Can more tomatoes this season. Hmmm,  just checked last years records and I don’t think I was very diligent in record keeping. I am sure I canned more than 27 quarts. The year before I recorded 83 quarts of tomatoes,  not including […]

Mutant Veggies

My garden is just about done for the year.  The weather has turned colder and all that is left is a few Roma tomatoes that are half orange and I am hopeful but doubtful  they will turn red. I’ve been canning carrots and canning beets this past week.   I froze the last of the peppers […]

Home Made Chicken Soup

Home Made Chicken Soup I canned Chicken Soup this morning.  My husband will take these for meals on the road. The bonus was I had enough left over for lunch for the boys and I.   I Added a loaf of bread I made and we were set!  NO cooking…. well if you don’t count […]