Cherry Themed Wedding

Hey Sharon I have a question…. I am going to get married to a man by the last name of Cherry….. at our wedding I am going to give out canned cherries….. I wanted to know your opinion because I want the price to be reasonable but also the jars look pretty to where you […]

Canning Spaghetti Sauce with Meat

I make a awesome spaghetti sauce with these melt in your mouth meatballs. This sauce takes about 8 hours to cook and the balls are dropped in raw and cooked out in the sauce during this time. I pressure canned my first batch this past week

Canning Apple Butter in Quarts: What was I thinking?!?

Canning Apple Butter in Quarts Chas Asks: I successfully made and canned 11 quarts of Apple Butter, I an now realizing that what the heck am I going to do with Apple Butter in such large jars? I mindlessly followed the recipe, but now I am realizing that I needed to can in smaller jars…. […]

Cannng results on my counter

These past few days have been tomatoes and pepper filled. I turned this Into this: on my counter this morning 19 quarts – stewed tomatoes (green peppers and tomatoes) 4 pints – stewed tomatoes (pimento peppers and tomatoes) 7 quarts – stewed tomatoes (pimento peppers and tomatoes) 24 1/2 pints canned pimento peppers Plus not […]

Safe vs Unsafe Canning Methods

Something should be made clear in these auctions. These books are VERY old. The canning methods included are probably not the most recently recommended methods. You might want to read about safe vs unsafe canning methods first.


I’ve never made chutney even though the recipes I see look yummy. So my question is for you. How do you use chutney? Is it a side dish? Is it a condiment?

Elk and Venison Recipes, Canning Meat from the Field to the Table

I’m excited to present….. Elk and Venison Recipes. Ever think about canning meat but not sure just what you’d do with it once it is on the shelf? Here are the recipes to help. Home Canned Meat from the Field to the Table

preserving updates

I defrosted my freezer this week in preparation for hunting season.  My upright freezer only needs defrosting every other year so it is not too bad.  It also gives me a chance to sort and find any hidden gems tucked back out of site. I uncovered a package of about 6 pounds of ground venison […]

Canning Peach Jam, tried low sugar.

I experimented with my last load of peach jam. I did 8 half pints of the same peach jam recipe except…. I cut the sugar in half. I then had 2 sons do a taste test….

Canning Cherries

Canning Cherries was the name of the game today and yesterday two of my boys and I pitted 40 pounds. The results: 9 quarts of canned cherries 7 quarts of Cherry Rhubarb Pie Filling 7 pints of Cherry Pie Filling 7 pints of cherry juice 1 Cherry Rhubarb Crisp 1 bowl of cherries to snack […]