Safe vs Unsafe Canning Methods

I don’t know if any of you have noticed these auctions. Lots of canning books on CD.

I do feel that something should be made clear in these auctions. These books are VERY old. The canning methods included are probably not the most recently recommended methods. You might want to read about safe vs unsafe canning methods first.

For nostalgia’s sake it would be very cool to see what is in there. But note the dates on these books if you are looking for information on how to can. If the dates don’t bother you, then fine. But I’m just sayin…..

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  1. Hi Sharon – me again! I plan on canning some spaghetti sauce and was wondering about the processing time. I make it from canned sauce (I know, but we didn’t have many tomatoes this year!) and add my own spices. I also cook meat in it just to give it a deeper flavor (this time it will either be chicken or stew meat or both). I strain the meat out and freeze it separately and add it back later when I heat it up. This just gives me greater flexibility in what I use the sauce for in case I don’t want the meat. Since I’m straining the meat out, do I process as I would meatless sauce, or do I process longer as if the meat was still there? MOST of the meat will be removed, but I’m sure there will be small pieces left that I don’t get out. What do you think? Thanks for ALL your help!

    • Hi Trudy, You keep popping up all over the place! :0)

      I would go ahead and can this as if the meat were there. As you say you would not be able to get all of the meat out. You are better safe than sorry.

      Keep asking away, I don’t mind.

  2. Thanks! Sorry for taking up so much of your time today! 🙂

  3. Don Kitchen says:

    Hi Sharon.
    We live in the Collbran area and we have met if you do. Please send me a response if you you would. I lost your business card. Sorry!