Canning Peach Jam, tried low sugar.

Last week was a slow week for canning. Peach Jam was it.  We went to  our usual peach orchard and picked 2 boxes of peaches.  She told us they only got probably 1/4 of a crop this year.    I’ve heard many other reports of bad crops.

Peaches for peach jam

These peaches were turned into 19 pints of peach jam.  I did regular peach jam not spiced.  And I experimented with my last load.  I did 8 half pints of the same peach jam recipe except….  I cut the sugar in half.

I then had 2 sons do a taste test.  I asked them to taste and tell me which they liked better.  I let them know that they were different but did not tell them what the difference was.

The more sugar jam won for both boys.  BUT they both agreed that both jams were delicious.   Soooo I may just be looking at lowering the sugar content in more peach jam. The less sugar variety was thicker and chunkier.  Not a problem here!

I’ll have to wait until the main man comes home and have him taste test… cause you know he is the one who really counts!

Final tally this week


19 pints peach jam

8 half pints – lower sugar peach jam

Freezing –

15 ears corn on the cob


A large bunch of basil.

And…. drum roll…. we picked our first 2 tomatoes of the season!  Woo Hoo.  (well we actually have had a few cherry tomatoes but they don’t count)

First Fresh Tomatoes from the tomato garden

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