Canning Cherries

Canning Cherries was the name of the game today and yesterday two of my boys and I pitted 40 pounds.

The results:

9 quarts of canned cherries

7 quarts of Cherry Rhubarb Pie Filling

7 pints of Cherry Pie Filling

7 pints of cherry juice

1 Cherry Rhubarb Crisp

1 bowl of cherries to snack on

1 batch of homemade cherry sauce ice cream topping.

And one or two very cute pictures.

Who is that crazy woman who enjoys canning, a full pantry, and simplicity? Hi, I am Sharon, a simple woman in love with her hardworking husband, and home school mom of 4 sons.

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  1. Anne M. says:

    please tell me you used a cherry pitter!? I know I’ve done about 10 pounds without one but to do 40 without one would be hard work!

    actually even with the pitter 40 pounds is a lot of work LOL! but I bet you was smilin the whole time thinking of eating them later =)

  2. Actually we did not use a pitter. And yes it was a lot of work! We turned on some Odyssey audio tapes and pitted and listened to stories.

  3. Carissa White says:

    Where do you get your cherries. I have been looking for a local source. I live in WY so sort of near you.

    Thank you,

    • Carissa, we got them in a nearby town. We are within driving distance. We have orchards more local to us but this year all the orchards in this area got froze out. So no local crops.

      However cherries are just about done so call around soon.

      You might watch They deliver a variety of fruits although they did not have cherries this year. I mention it because you might be interested in other fruits. And they have drop off points in Cheyenne and Casper, WY

  4. Looks like someone enjoyed those cherries before they were canned!

  5. Yum! I love cherries. I made maraschino cherries this year, and they were excellent.