Canning Apple Butter in Quarts: What was I thinking?!?

canning apple butterCanning Apple Butter in Quarts

Chas Asks:

I successfully made and canned 11 quarts of Apple Butter, I an now realizing that what the heck am I going to do with Apple Butter in such large jars? I mindlessly followed the recipe, but now I am realizing that I needed to can in smaller jars…. would it be safe to open the jars, dump into large pot, bring back to a boil an can in smaller jars?

Chas, Yes a quart of apple butter is most definitely a LOT of apple butter. :0) You can do these in smaller jars now. Be sure and bring to a boil fill clean jars and use new canning lids. Another option is for you to go ahead and leave them in the quarts, when you open one to use it you could freeze half of it, when the first half is gone thaw the second half. That way you would not have to go to the work of re-canning.


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