Canning and Preserving Updates

Canning and Preserving updates for last week.


9 quarts canned peaches

7 quarts beef broth

4 pints canned pears


dried apricots

dried pears

dried cherry and pear tomatoes


6 quarts frozen corn

Boy when I type that out it doesn’t seem like much.  Ever have those days when you go go go all day and then wonder just what did you do?  I guess maybe it was that kind of week.

picking corn

My Corn Pickers

We’ve picked corn as it has gotten ripe and I guessing that within the next week or so it will all be ready. We’ve decided not to can it this year but to freeze it all. I like both canned and frozen but the rest of the family is unanimous in liking frozen better. Since I like happy men and boys…frozen corn it is.

Tomatoes are finally starting to speed up and ripen! I’ve picked a few here and there for the dinner table and I am hopeful that they will hit thier peak next week or two also. I am ready to get started on salsa, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, and plain ol canned tomatoes. I ran out early so I am determined to make much more than last year.

The peppers are going gangbusters this year! I have been picking and using some and giving some away. I’ve tried not to pick too much so I’ll have plenty to use with my tomato recipes.

There are bell peppers waiting in the crisper for tomorow. I plan on making stuffed peppers for the freezer.   It makes a great quick meal.  They are wrapped individually so you can take them out as needed. Pop them right in the oven from frozen. Easy and yummy.

How about you?  What did you can last week?

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