Who is that crazy woman who enjoys canning, a full pantry, and simplicity? Hi, I am Sharon, a simple woman in love with her hardworking husband, and home school mom of 4 sons.

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Tiny Bugs… what are they?!

Ew What is it!? A plague? I went out to check on my chickens yesterday afternoon. It is my sons job to take care of them but I like to go out every once in a while just to check up on things and make sure all the girls are happy. (Who cares about that […]

Canning Jar Sweet Tea Concentrate

I made Sweet tea today for my guys.  We drink a LOT of tea.  And I found a great way to have it made in canning jars ahead of time so it is quick and easy to get a pitcher ready when we are out. Make concentrate!   Just boil water, add it to a […]

My Vegetable Back to Eden Garden

  A quick preview of my Vegetable Back to Eden Garden in my front yard.   I’ll be following this garden as the summer progresses. In this post ‘Goods in the Garden’ Debra introduced me to Back to Eden. So glad she did. I’m giving it a go! This is an experiment in improving my […]

Trayer Wilderness

My Friend Tammy Trayer….. (actually we only met once, but she is very cool…. I can tell) and her family live in the back woods in Idaho. The call it the ‘wilderness’ and apparently it really is. Mountain Woman Journals is her website. They are a family that truly works together, prays together and survives […]

Butternut Squash Apple Soup Recipe

I had both my pressure canner AND my pressure cooker going on my stove yesterday. I was busy all morning canning soup and squash.  I had cubed up a bunch of butternut squash and ended up with about 2 cups left over.  Perfect!  It is lunch time.  I’m hungry. Butternut Squash Apple Soup Recipe I […]

Acorn Squash Recipe an Italian Sausage Bake

My homemade leftover inspired acorn squash recipe. I combined some leftovers I had in my fridge with an acorn squash and ended up with a delicious lunch! First I’ll tell you just what I did.  But remember this was a leftover lunch.  Much of this could be substituted for other things.  I’ve got some ideas […]

Elk Green Chili Burrito Recipe

I tried something new tonight… thought I’d share. Elk Green Chile Burritos

Cherry Themed Wedding

Hey Sharon I have a question…. I am going to get married to a man by the last name of Cherry….. at our wedding I am going to give out canned cherries….. I wanted to know your opinion because I want the price to be reasonable but also the jars look pretty to where you […]

Goods in the Garden

I had to force myself out the door this morning to do some weeding in the garden. Our garden has had a rough time of it this year and it shows…. since it shows my motivation level is low… so I don’t go out and maintain stuff like I should….. which doesn’t help the condition […]

Elk Heart Recipe in my Dutch Oven

I’ll admit to being the teensiest bit squeamish about eating something like an Elk heart recipe. But I am also a fanatic about not letting things go to waste. There is no logical reason I can’t eat Elk heart. I found the Recipe to make it great too!!! I’m sure this would work with other types of heart, and regular elk meat as well. And I love cooking recipes in my dutch oven. Enjoy!